You turn the blower on in your Ford F150 truck and it fails to operate on any speed but high, or maybe high plus one.  Here's how to fix it.

The blower in your 2000 F150 is controlled by a simple switch on the dash.  Low Medium High and Blast or something like that.  The switch takes 12 volts from the fuse block and directs it to a small resistor set which then sends a reduced voltage to the blower depending on which position the switch is in.  Here is a picture of the new resistor.  You will need a mirror to see the connector end.  Place a mirror on the floor on the passenger side as far up on the floor mat as you can.  Now point a flashlight at the mirror and move it until you can see the connector end of the assembly.  It is held in place with 2 8mm head self tapping screws. 

Using a 1/4 inch drive ratchet with a 6 inch extension remove the two screws.  Pull on the harness and the resistor will drop down to the floor. 

Depress the clip on the side of the harness connector and pull the connector from the resistor.  The resistor coils as seen on the new resistor above will look like this, rusted and corroded.


If you look carefully you will see that the tip of the red arrow points to a rusted spot where one of a resistor coil used to be attached. Replacing the old resistor assembly with the new one solved the problem.  Hint: when inserting the screws during the replacement procedure, put a wad of dum-dum or plumbers putty in the 8 mm socket so as to hold the screws into the socket.  Makes it a lot easier to get then started in the holes!




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