GM remote fails to operate

My 2007 Buick remote control stopped working suddenly.  Seems I had dropped it a few days before but that happens a lot.  Since it is only a year old I figured the battery wasn't at fault but I opened it anyway to check it out.  I found the problem in a few minutes of examining the small internal circuit board.  Evidently dropping this kind of remote control isn't very good for them due to the weak solder oints holding the battery clamp in place.  The solder joint broke in two places!!  A few minutes with a soldering iron with a micro tip and the problem was solved.  so if your GM remote control suddenly stops working don't toss it out!!  Send it to me and I'll fix it for you for a nominal fee and send it back to you, or if you feel competent enough try soldering it yourself.  Just don't overheat the micro-components nearby or you will destroy it.


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