Hi, Just spent an agreeable time on your site, and I think you might be interested in how electricity is distributed/wired in Belgium - just the major things:

New buildings are required to have a ground loop underneath the foundations. All grounding of appliances is attached to that. The tub, water and gas pipes are also connected to it. Older buildings may use grounding pins. Metal rods hammered into the ground. Maximum resistance between the ground and the ground ;-) is 30 Ohm @100v @ 5meters.

Most homes get either multiple 220v 50hz or a single 380v 50hz connection (Where the 380 is wired to 220, except for ovens and stuff. The entire electrical system has to be protected by a 300mA GFI, and there has to be a second 30mA GFI for all wires going into the bathroom. Switches in bathrooms must be bi-polar.

Ah, and the entire system must be checked and approved by an recognized independent organization before they hook you up to the powergrid, and there's a checkup every 4 years. Every electrical system has to have a one-wire diagram and a situation-scheme that has been signed by the installer and the controlling organization. You can do MINOR changes afterwards ­ but you have to mention them on the one-wire diagram. He-he, that's about it.



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