Next time you are thinking about buying a power tool (especially a shop vacuum cleaner) from Black and Decker consider the following phone conversation:

Black and Decker Parts - this is Carol.

Oh, hi. I need a cloth vacuum cleaner bag for a shop vacuum cleaner model 35M - it's the cloth bag that fits onto the motor, you know, inside the unit..

Oh - I'm sorry but we don't stock that item. Have you tried Lowes or Home Depot??

Errrr, no, I thought it would be best to come directly to you, you are the manufacturer.

I'm sorry sir, but we don't stock any parts for shop vacuum cleaners.


I said we don't have any parts for shop vacuum cleaners.

Buttttt . . . . where can I go to get parts for this thing. I did buy it ten years ago thinking that it would last a long time. After all it is made by one of the world's largest tool manufacturers!

Sir, I have had calls from people with a two year old shop vacuum cleaner and we don't stock parts for them either!

So it looks like I'm sort of s*** out of luck, huh?

I guess so - I'm sorry.

Thanks for nothing - I'll make sure to tell all my friends about this conversation - I'm sure they will want to know!!

So next time you are thinking about buying anything from Black and Decker call their parts "hot line" at 1-800-258-6003 and ask Carol, or whoever is left working there, if they stock parts for the thing you are buying - only make sure you ask about the model that is two or three years older than the one you are considering! You might think twice and head over to Sears!

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