Using Never Seez or some other anti-galling compound on your spark plugs can save a lot of misery and money. Here is a story from one of my readers.

Dear Bob (Mister Fixit) Thank you for taking the time to respond to my e mail. I know that you are probably very busy. The information was great, however, things have gotten worse. While doing a spark plug change, (no anti-sieze was used, didn't know we had to) all but one plug broke off inside. Everything came out except for the threads.

My husband thought he might be able to pull the threads out using easy outs but that broke off inside the threads. Now we can only tear the engine down. We can't use heat because of aluminum head. Can't drill because of shavings and would have to remove heads anyway. I don't know if you would want to use this for your other readers. But if our mistake/ignorance could help some else, please warn them to use anti-sieze before installing plugs. We have now turned a $4.00 job into a $400.00 do-it-yourself job.


Cathy, without wheels in TN

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