Here are some helpful tips from a diesel expert.  Read them to see if they apply to your diesel problem.

Here are some suggestions for the page I read...

"Black smoke from a Chevy 6.5 electronic turbo diesel" -most likely cause is low boost pressure. Remove the vacuum hose from the turbo with the engine @ idle and check for vacuum. Vacuum should be present @ idle.(15inHg) If not  resent, follow vacuum hose to wastegate solenoid on drivers side of engine. Then unplug the vacuum harness from the solenoid and check for vacuum. And vacuum must be present @ idle. If vacuum is not present @ the solenoid, check for a bad vacuum pump or a hole in the vacuum harness. If vacuum is present @ the solenoid and not present @ the turbo, the mostly likely cause is the wastegate solenoid (cost $28). Some other causes for black smoke are a clogged air filter, a clogged exhaust, or in the worst case it's a bad turbo. If the turbo inlet pipe has oil around the inside, don't worry its normal.


"Engine stalling for the same type of vehicle" - If the 6.5 diesel stalls, remove engine cover and remove the fuel filter. Then check the filter housing for metal with a magnet. Also check for water in the bottom of the housing. If either are present, unplug the two electrical connecters and disconnect the 3 fuel lines and remove the housing. Clean out the housing with brake cleaner or ether. Reinstall the housing and replace the fuel filter. With engine @ idle, open the valve on the top of the filter. Fuel should come out. If no fuel comes out, mostly likely cause is the fuel pump located on the drivers side frame rail. Back probe the connecter of the fuel pump on the pink wire with a test light and check for power. If power is present you should be able to feel the pump pulsate. Another symptom of a bad fuel pump is sluggishness and hesitation. If the service engine light has illuminated due to these symptoms, disconnect both batteries and wait a few minutes and reconnect to reset ECM. If truck continues to stall, the problem is fuel injection pump. The warranty on injection pump is 11 years or 120,000 miles. So send it to the dealer (this is expensive!)


"Oil blowing out from the dipstick tube (on a 6.5)" - on the passengers side valve cover, if the breather valve is installed up-side-down, then oil will blow from dipstick tube. In some cases the "this side up" label may not be present. If this is so, and oil is blowing out from the dipstick tube, the tube was probably installed backwards and should be turned around. I hope these suggestions help!!!

Shane Kirkland

ASE Certified

Nalley Automotive group

Atlanta Ga



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