The clothes dryer that wouldn't


Just when you think you have done all the smart things to diagnose a problem, you start thinking "out of the box" and find solutions that you never dreamed of!! Here's a story from a reader about his clothes dryer.


Your 'Mister Fixit' web service is awesome!!

Got a story to share with you concerning our clothes dryer. We just moved into our home 2 years ago and my wife complained about the clothes taking so long to dry in our 4 year old clothes dryer. After getting a repairman to look at the dryer and replace the thermostat the problem continued. I took the entire dryer vent apart and cleaned out the minimal lint buildup. I then contacted the manufacturer and got more advice, ... and so on.

Finally I thought about it some more and thought about the clothes not being spun out enough in the washer. I watched my wife do a load of clothes and she was always choosing the Perm-Press cycle on the washer which does a minimal spin cycle. We then tryed the Normal cycle and the dryer times were cut down by 30%!!

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