Bob, Congrats to you for putting up a real winner!

I also like to play with my own stuff. I recently was asked by my wife to look at the dryer. It seems as though it was running very hot, all the time. Yep!, she was right, it was running and the timer was set to any of the settings that call for heat and it would get hot and not shut off. Well what do I do? I thought about the timer, but why would it act up in all spots? Some way or another I got to takin it all apart. Thought I would just see what I could see. As I got close to the dryer element (yes, it's electric), I found all sorts of stuff collecting around the base of the element shroud, (kinda guards the element). This crap had all collected around the bottom of the guard and in some spots the stuff was even touching the element. When this happens the element has no switch any longer it would just stay on do to the path to ground that the stuff allowed. I cleaned the coins, hair clips, buttons and foil gum rappers, I mean wrappers, and soon figured that I had saved about 75.00 on a service call. A lot of how I fix things just relies on common sense and persistence.

Always keep safety in mind and you can do it too!

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