This mailnote came from a reader with some GM experience. Perhaps his advice can help you to remove the steering rack from a GM vehicle.

Bob, what we found when I worked at GM & replaced racks under warranty was the easiest route to replace the rack was to remove the back two engine cradle bolts and supporting the cradle with an appropriate jacking device, lower the rack about 6 inches from it's installed height and all of a sudden you gain an incredible amount of access/clearance to the rack mounting bolts. This procedure will work with either the firewall mounted or cradle mounted rack & pinion units. We found that only unbolting the m/cyl. reservoir & moving it aside add much needed access to the steering hose connections. Thirdly, the plastic protective cover over the steering u-joint can be moved up the steering shaft and a 4' to 6' inch screwdriver or piece of round stock can be inserted thru the upper-half of the u-joint & will hold the "boot" in a position that allows you to unbolt & reconnect easily the 11mm.-headed bolt that attaches the pinion shaft to the steering column. Don't forget to throughly flush the pwr. system before reconnecting the hoses or you'll risk contaminating the new rack with debris & metal particles that are in suspension in the steering fluid.

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