Here are a few miscellaneous stories from Josh.  See if they apply to your problems.

When I bought this car 2nd hand it needed a new timing chain & cam gear (with nylon coated teeth). About 6,000 miles later, on a hot summers day I was speeding to a cottage about 2 hours away. At the cottage I noticed the oil pressure light flickered at idle and it didn't sound very good.  On the trip back home, it over heated 3 times and had NO oil pressure and was making a much louder noise! I rebuilt the motor and guess the following had happened...   The original owner never changed the oil ever!!!  (I was scooping hands full of grease from the pan).  The new timing chain and gear installed was already worn and teeth broken, due to an oil feed pin hole that was blocked from the lack of oil changes.  The timing chain teeth mixed with grease was blocking the oil intake.  If that pin hole would have been cleaned.... it might have saved the motor.


Same car, a few months after the rebuild. Problem, Rough Idling...  only after hearing a loud noise while coming to a stop near some factories. Checked many things, found a big hole in the plastic bell housing lower cover...  Flywheel lost a balancing weight!!!   returned to factory road and actually found the weight! all bent, but otherwise the correct weight.  The unbalanced engine was just vibrating. 

80 something Sunbird, Car stalling when brought to a stop.  Car dealer replaced IAC motor without success.  Same dealer wanted to replace the throttle body (big bucks).  It was just the TCC all along.  But you already have this one in your list.  It's a common problem, seen it in 3 other cars so far.


Hope you enjoyed some of this...




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