Mom wrote these as a tribute to Mother's Day

Now I know, I know now, the joys, the sorrows, the heartaches which are "a mother". When I was young, very young, I knew not what a mother really was, but the years have made me wise.

If I could but take back the years of my rebellious youth I wonder if I would do otherwise. Are our children but an echo from our past to reflect our foolish, selfish ways mixed with love and laughter?

Now I know, I know now, that things are as they are because life makes them so. I think I would not change this way of life for it is the remembering, as the years go by, that helps us understand our young and when headstrong ways command them, love them deeper than before!

Esther Hewitt



To Mom

I must apologize for all the hopes, the dreams you could not realize for me. Youth would not let me understand the meaning of your words which only years of living can define.

Now I stand where you once stood with dreams and hopes and fears for youth who echo through the years the same rebellion as my own against the words youth will not hear.

But they, too, will find a dream which will spur them on their way and help them understand when youth stands there before them but cannot know the meaning of their words.

Esther Hewitt


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