The folks on the Internet are constantly coming up with more and more ways to carry on Internet commerce. This one is quite simple, secure and effective. It is called PayPal. Read on . . . .

Up to now I have not found a good way to carry on Internet commerce from my website. All the major credit card companies wanted an arm and a leg to set me up with a Merchant Account, plus they wanted to extract up to 7% of the payment from me!!

That has all changed now. This new secure system is free* - for both you and me!. You need to sign up with their secure server and give them a credit card number* to which you will be charged for any requests which you make. All you do then is to log in to your secure account and give the system my e-mail address and the amount you want to send me and they do the rest! For free!

So, go to the PayPal website by following this link and see what they offer. If you sign up using this link I also get a 5 spot from them as a bonus - any little amount helps me keep this website afloat so sign up today and start purchasing stuff from me and other web site owners!!


Per the letter from PayPal below please don't attempt to pay me via PayPal if you are using a credit card.  Just go to their website and sign up with them for a free account.



*  Dear PayPal Member,

PayPal is committed to providing fast, safe, and free payment services to all personal accounts. However, credit card associations charge merchants like PayPal a fee for every credit card transaction. Because of this, only Business and Premier Accounts will now be able to receive credit card payments. Personal Account users, who do not pay a fee to receive transactions, will be able to receive Bank Account and PayPal balance-funded payments for free.

Personal Accounts that receive credit card funded payments after 11/13/2001 may accept the payment by upgrading to a Premier or Business account, or they will have to deny the payment.

Please note you can continue to send and receive payments for free with your Personal Account by making sure everyone who sends you money is Verified and sending payments from their bank accounts.

Thank you for choosing PayPal and helping to make us the world's #1 online payment service.


The PayPal Team

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