Here is a reply I received from a reader who had a problem with poor performance - it sounded like a computer problem and it was.


Hello again, Thank you for getting back to me.

The information you gave me is very good to know for future reference. But I think/hope that the problem has been fixed. I thought I would e-mail you back with the information that I have learned. I found out that the computer( I think the # is 99088A or V0439) was recalled by Pontiac. It seems that the brilliant people at Pontiac put the computer in the wheel well without any shield on it. The man at Pontiac told me that it was recalled for problems with corrosion (jeesh , a computer in a wheel well without a safe housing to keep it in sound working order). Do these automotive masterminds even think before they design and produce these cars. I just thought I would pass along the info so if anyone else runs into the same problem it can be taken care of. Once again it was a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2LTR. sedan. Hope that maybe this can save someone else the hassle and frustration that I have gone through. By the way a new one was installed and I was not charged to have the replacement done. Thanks again! I will be sure to pass along your site address to anyone who I know that it might help.

Thanks for helping keep us ordinary people in touch with repair info and fix it info as well.

Thanks, Bridget

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