I was born in this house in Westwood NJ, and our family lived there for 22 years. We sold the house and moved south to Spring Lake Heights NJ. Mom wrote these thoughts as we left.

I close the door behind me never to walk through these portals again, but I know I leave a part of me here always. I shall return, not in body but in spirit to relive the days gone by, to hear the laughter ringing through the rooms, to feel the pangs of sorrow for loved ones lost, to know again the joy and eagerness of children, to feel the warmth of love once young as Springtime.

I shall walk quietly and feel an affinity with the walls which have been mute witness to the scenes of the past, and which shall share my moods - my joy, my sorrow, and which shall bring before me again old friends, a baby's first words, a mother's counsel, a father's comfort, a husband's tenderness. I shall once again go to the window to be transported to the years of growing my children enjoyed - playing on the grass green with Spring or white with Winter's snow. To see the tall trees which challenged my little ones in their eagerness to see the world around them, to remember the tender beauty of the many flowers which announced the Seasons with their coming - to all these things I shall return, I shall not be forever gone!!

Esther Hewitt


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