If you own a Whirlpool Washing machine that shakes violently during the spin cycle then read on.

Hi Bob,

I want to thank you for your help in fixing my washing machine.  I was about to put it on the curb because it was shaking so violently that it walked across my laundry room and pulled its own plug out of the wall!

We took your suggestion and bought the service manual from your website on fixing washing machines (Service Manual).  There on page 4.1 was a complete description of my washing machine.  It showed me how to remove the covers so that I could get inside to find the problem.  It's a good thing I read that section since I was about to start prying at the seam along the front cover which would have accomplished nothing but chipping the porcelain!  I found the screws that I needed to remove and had the cover off in a flash!

What we found after reading the section on balance problems was that one of  the brackets that holds the balance spring in place had fallen off.  The screw had backed out and fallen to the base of the machine. 

I replaced the bracket with the screw, tightened it up and put the covers back on.

My machine now washes clothing like it used to and I no longer have to hang around to hold on to the shaking machine for dear life while the spin cycle dries my clothes!

Total time for the repair was 15 minutes (I had to find the Phillips head screwdriver that my son had used on his bicycle) and total cost was zero!  Nothing!  Nada!

Thank you for your help and thanks for pointing me to the Appliance Repair Book!  I will now buy the whole series so that I am prepared if my refrigerator or dryer goes on the blink sometime in the future!  With direct to-the-point service manuals like these I no longer feel threatened when attempting a repair on my appliances.  The pictures and directions showed me the way!

Sue and Jim


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