Bob, around 6-9 months ago I complained to you about rough idling and stalling on this vehicle and all the work I had done to get it right (rebuilt carb, plug wires, dist. cap, rotor, new plugs, air cleaner, everything but a wax job!)but still I had an annoying problem with low speed idle, starting, and acceleration from stop, all the classics of bad carburetion. Well, last sat. night this baby died on me while cruising at about 40 m.p.h., steady throttle. It wouldn't restart and even punctuated the effort with a couple of meaty backfires! I immediately thought of the ignition or the timing chain. Anyway it turned out that I had no spark at all to any cylinder, and the culprit was as you've probably already surmised, the duraspark module.

The interesting thing is, once this was replaced, all starting, idling, stalling, and bucking has totally disappeared........I suppose there was a weak or erratic spark or perhaps ill-timed spark as a result of this module (which by the way was original and about 16 years old) I just wish it would have failed years ago. Perhaps more sophisticated diagnostics than I could perform would have identified this as the culprit, had I had the necessary instruments. But I am pleased that for the first time in at least 5 years this truck will start and run smoothly without hesitation or bucking........Bob Davidson

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