Here's a mailnote about a Nissan Sentra and a fuel pump problem that might be mis-diagnosed by an unwary mechanic or Nissan owner.


"Wow, what a great web site. My name is Kent and I work in the Marketing Dept. of a company that makes Automotive engine diagnostic and shop managment systems. I consider myself reasonable knowledgable about cars but, here is a problem that befuddled many. Before moving to California two years ago my new wife and I lived in Phoenix and both drove Nissan vehicles. Hers was a much loved (purchased while in college) 1985 Nissan Sentra. It provided her with years of problem free service until during one winter rain storm it began to stall out. She predictably took it to her brother (who ran a local Firestone outlet) to have the problem diagnosed. Wellll, most of us would expect that changing the distributor cap and wires would fix the problem. On the suface this solution seemed to work but, unfortunately it continued to be an annoying problem. It remained so until one day while chewing the fat with the local Nissan parts counter employee that I learned the truth. As it turned out this problem was as a result of a little know design flaw--the fuel pump. The manufacturer "Nissan" had sold these vehicles with a fuel pump that when under load failed to supply the required amount of fuel, thus the car would stall. The solution was to use the replacement fuel pump which appeared to be about a third larger in size, duh. After that it ran great in all conditions until the day we sold it. I hope this helps some poor car owner before he has it worked on 6 times to resolve the same problem. Kent @ CAS"

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