Anyone who knows me or who has visited my website before knows that one of the main reasons I am here is to educate. I do that by sharing my experiences with you and by sharing other's stories with you so that you can learn and not make the mistakes most people do in attempting repairs or in having something fixed by a serviceman.

One of the things that I am always looking for is a good reference book to assist you in learning how things work so that you will either know enough to do the repairs yourself or to know what the service person is talking about when he tells you what is wrong.

I discovered these books a few months ago and have been working with the author so that I could evaluate them. I have all five books and have read them from cover to cover. I read with interest the section on spark ignition systems for gas cookstoves. I had a problem with ours last year and went through a diagnostic procedure to isolate a faulty spark ignition coil. The section of the range repair manual took me through the exact steps that I used to find the bad guy!

I found equivalent sections in the washer repair manual which led me through the replacement of the timer switch on our Maytag. It took me half an hour to figure out how to remove the plastic knob! The manual shows the procedure in detail - would have saved me that time. These books are all you will need to work on your appliances.

Now I can offer to sell them to you via my website. I make a few dollars selling the books so that I can continue running this website. You can buy them directly from the supplier but you won't save any money that way. So if you want to buy them please order them by clicking on the banner below so that I get the credit for the sale. I appreciate it. All the money I make on sales of items from my website are folded back into the website so that it is constantly improving. For example, I am planning on buying a digital camera in the near future so that I can add more pictures that explain more graphically how to fix stuff. I appreciate your support.

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