Here's a story from a reader about a diagnostic procedure looking for the solution to a weird problem.

hello - you will get a kick out of this.

I had a tempo come in my shop where the customer had this strange Beeping noise ever so often. Confused, I took it out for a road test and low and behold it would beep. It drove the customer nuts, not loud but you could hear it. It was in a few days before for a no-start. I can't recall what had been done, but I thought it had to tie in to this noise some how.

After siting in the car the beep would come and go; cold or hot, running or with the key off. I looked at the radio; nope ...... then I thought maybe the computer ......... nope. I never heard of this before ....I'm lying down on the floor looking under the dash trying to find this dam beeping noise fed up and after two hours of looking. I'm ready to send it off to the dealers when I look down next too the driver's seat under some trash. There was a beeper (pager) with six pages .. drove me nuts. The customer never owned a pager and he had no idea who's it could be!

That's my story.

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