A minor accident causes this Fiero to not start. This story from a Fiero newsgroup tells why.

This recently happened to my daughters Fiero. She was pulling in the driveway, and when she stopped she accidently let out the clutch before the engine stopped. The car then jumped forward and hit the house. Luckily there was no damage to the car (thanks for being plastic) and damage to the house was minor. However when I tried to start the car it wouldn't fire up ! I checked the fuel pressure at the manifold and there was none.

I took out the gas tank so I could get at the fuel pump and guess what ? The tube holding the fuel pump was bent forward and the fuel line coming out of the pulsator had popped out ! I went ahead and put in a new fuel since I was there. The whole fuel pump assembly is pretty loosely put together so I used cable ties to hold it together securely to prevent this from happening again. I hope those cable ties will hold up in that gas, I guess I'll find out.

Editor's note - although this was on a Fiero it is possible for this to happen to other cars which have a flexible connection between the fuel pump and the exit tube.

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