Here's a real timesaver from a Ford Shop mechanic who evidently knows what he is talking about!!

I just thought I would drop you a line to help your readers. If you have the unworthy task of replacing an in tank pump on a ford truck use this trick. Instead of dropping the tank raise the bed. If you loosen all 3 or 4 bolts on the left frame rail, and remove the ones on the right you can jack up the bed on the passenger side far enough to get access to both front and rear tank pumps. I work at a Ford dealership and we figured out this trick a long time ago.

The small Ford truck is even easier as the bolts are accessible from inside the bed. You can also remove all the bolts and then with the help of a friend you can slide the bed back and set it on the rear wheels. Just remember to unhook the tail light wire harness near the rear bumper for the small truck. And if you have a wrap around bumper on the full size truck, place a shop towel or rag folded up between the bumper and the bed to avoid scratching the paint finish on the drivers side.

One final Editor's note. The pick-up truck bed is quite heavy and you don't want it falling on you when you crawl between the bed and the frame so make sure you use good strong blocks to support the bed and don't count on the hydraulic jack to carry the weight when you are working on it!! Safety is the primary consideration here!

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