Here's a note from a reader who has had some experience with Renault Fuegos

Over the last few years I hae worked on quite a few Renault Fuegos'. I'm convinced that this complicated car entered the US 10 years ahead of the mechanics ability to repair them. Almost every Fuego encountered, has had the automatic transmission rebuilt (at least the owner was billed for it). My finding has been that this car has one of the smoothest shifting transmissions made. The problem seems to be with the Throttle Position Sensor. When it goes bad everyone assumes that the fix is to rebuild the tranny. I have often wondered how many rebuilds were made that didn't have to be. The other problem with this car; the TDC sensor usualy quits between 25- 50,000 miles . Now that all manufacturers have gone to this type of setup, this will be a common complaint.

Bob Poe

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