There are a hundred factors which can cause poor gas mileage. One of the main causes is a dirty air filter. Low tire pressure, bad driving habits (lead foot syndrome), transmission torque converter clutch failure, transmission slipping, stuck choke plate, leaking injectors etc. etc. etc. Most of these factors will normally result in poor performance as well.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good measure of the actual gas mileage. Fill the tank to overflowing so that you know exactly how much fuel you'll replace after driving for a hundred miles or so. Then take your right shoe off and go for a long level (NO HILLS) mid speed (50mph) ride. No jackrabbit starts, no kicking down into passing gear - do everything you can to optimize your fuel economy. Then circle back to the gas station after a hundred or so miles and fill it to overflowing again. Then do your calculations. See just how close you come to the EPA ratings for highway. You might save yourself hundreds of dollars chasing a problem that doesn't really exist! As the ads always say "mileage will vary according to driving conditions and driver habits."

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