Here is a note from a reader who found a problem with some GE washing machines.

A caution based on my experience with GE model WWSR3090T purchased March, 1996. related models: WJSR2080T, WJXR2080T, WWXR4100T

This is the washer line with the new all plastic tub. There is a metal dish under the tub that catches overflow from the tub. At the edge of this metal dish, directly above the drive motor, there is a hole for attaching a plastic tie-down for the electrical harness that goes to the motor. When overflow occurs, for what ever reason, it is directed to the drive motor. My drive motor failed after 14 months.

I have been trying to get a new motor for over a week. Perhaps the machine is so new that replacement parts are not available, or perhaps so many have failed that the supply has been depleted. If you have this washer, it is very easy to remove the front cover and look for overflow.

In any event, a plastic cover should be placed over the motor. The cover is removed by slipping a putty knife between the top and the front covers, at each side.

Addendum - 8/2001  

After I found some much needed info on your website, I have been browsing it to see what else I can find. I pasted the article below about overflow water on GE washer motors on the newer model design. The author of the article is mistaken. The metal pan above the motor is not for tub overflow, it is for when the tub seal leaks, which it isn't suppose to. The leaking water will be directed away from the transmission and in front of the motor. The tub overflow is in the rear of the machine and is a long plastic tube running from tub cover to base of machine.

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