An 88 Ford Tempo with an idle problem.


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I have a 1988 Tempo (130,000 miles) with fuel injection. On cold starts and when shifting between park and drive, it would tend to stall. I would have to feather the gas just to keep it running. I did notice that the car would "hunt" for its proper idle setting. The computer was trying to adjust the idle, but the engine would not comply. With this info and a review of the shop service manual, my first target was the idle control valve. The idle control valve is a solenoid operated valve that lets air by-pass the closed (at idle) throttle plate, thus allowing the car to idle. Idle speed is adjusted by the computer by opening and closing the valve. After making sure the device had power and was not shorted, I removed the valve from the manifold and discovered that the valve could hardly move because of all the gummy black stuff on it. I removed the two phillips screws that attach the solenoid to the valve and sprayed the valve with carb cleaner. Using an old tooth brush, I scrubbed out the gunk. To this day the Tempo idles perfectly.

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