I received this letter today from an obviously irate mechanic who seems to think that the only ones who have the right to repair cars are the licensed mechanics out there who know everything there is to know.

You just keep-on tinkering Bob, But, lets set the record straight. As unscrupulous "Mechanic's" Know DIS Voltage can Kill us, you and the people that read your "jack of all trades" Site. I take issue with people like you, who put all auto technician's in a small world of thief's akin to Lawyers. Just keep on tinkering, and sooner of later your going to get bit. Bit like I've been bitten by 50,000 volts of electricity. Hopefully none will die from your "fix it yourself" mentality! Hope you can sleep well after reading the truth! The truth being, Fact: Mechanic's have been killed by touching a DIS wire while the engine is running Fact: Mechanics have been killed just repairing a tire that had a sealant from a can installed by the consumer.(highly flammable) The tire can explode from the slightest spark. And how 'bout this, "i'f you fill a plastic gas can, in the bed of a pickup, lined with a plastic bed-liner, static electricity can build to the point to ignite the fuel" How many people have you warned against these proplems? Eric

Editor's Note: Just as there are crooks in all businesses there are crooks in the auto mechanics trade. It is my goal to inform you as to what to look out for when shopping for a mechanic and to arm you with the knowledge you will need to talk in an informed manner with a mechanic so that you can understand just what it is that the shop is recommending to solve your problem. And, as Eric points out from his own personal experiences, there are dangers out there under the hood which we all must understand so as to avoid personal injury. Having the correct tools and the shop manual for your car will go a long way toward protecting you from damaging yourself or the car in attempting repairs. I am here to advise you as to the safe procedures to use before you attempt any repair and you who have received my advice know full well that my paramount consideration is for your safety. There are those weekend mechanics who will do stupid things like crawl under a car supported by a bumper jack and proceed to wrestle a rusted exhaust system from the car succeeding in pulling the car down onto their heads and killing themselves, or uninformed "mechanics" who are foolish enough to grab a 50,000 volt wire from the distributor as Eric did. I can't stop that from happening. You can. Use safe practices and be informed as to the dangers involved in making repairs, be it a simple oil change or a major engine overhaul.

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