This is a tip from one of my smarter readers - listen to what she has to say!

This is just a tip of common sense.

I know that when you are working on your car you just want to get it done. Just take the time to use jack stands when you jack your car up and you are going to be working under the car. I have had a friend die because he wanted to get done working on his mom's car quick so that he could go out, but instead the car fell off the jack and killed him. My grandfather also had a car fall on him. He chained his 65 thunderbird to the rafters in his garage. There was no engine in the car at this time but when he put the engine in the rafters could not support the weight and it fell on him. Luckily he was not killed - it just cut off his ear.

So please be CAREFUL!! when working on your car.


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