Here's a tip from a reader which may be helpful to some of you.

I like your idea for this service. One area I believe is very important is that of informing people how they can be cheated. I am often asked to assist with someone's auto repair. Twice I encountered a similar problem that I believe people ought to be made aware of.

Two cars are involved: a Ford Pinto and a Chevy Vega. Both cars circulate engine coolant through the heater core and the intake manifold. The heater core is used as a supplemental radiator so that the radiator can be made smaller. The engine coolant through the the intake manifold warms the fuel charge for better atomization; it also heats the choke mechanism. If there is no coolant circulating then the choke never opens and the fuel consumption increases along with a rough-running engine.

Two lady friends of mine took their cars to two different service centers; both service centers are parts of major chains. Both had disputes during the service of their vehicles and shortly afterwards their vehicles started running rough. I discovered that someone had taken pliers and crushed the inlet tube to the heater core thereby restricting coolant flow. Both were advised that their cars needed new carbs.

What a scam! I wonder how many other methods are used by thieves like these to generate additional business?

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