Arleen came home with a long face. She explained to me how she had used the keyless entry control to unlock her car so many times in dark areas of the parking lot, and that she had come to depend on being able to do so. So it made sense to me and I agreed that we should replace the remote that she had lost, until I called the Pontiac dealer and found out that the replacement cost for that simple little two button remote control was $79.95!! Of course I balked - hell, it didn't even have a mute function and I couldn't change channels or turn up the volume, so why would a silly little thing like that demand such a price??

Naturally I started calling around to see if I could buy an aftermarket replacement for the lost remote control. No such luck. OK, how about a complete replacement unit?? Lowest price was $149.95!! Where else could I find a replacement?? How about the web??? Of course!! So I cranked up Metacrawler and entered "keyless entry". I found about 40 possible links but one stood out above all the rest - So I checked out the site.

I was pleased with what I saw and found not only an inexpensive replacement for the remote access system but a whole line of accessories for a remote control including a remote start, a remote window opener and a variety of alarm systems. The basic unit cost only 25 bucks!!  (see update below) Not just a remote but the whole shebang! And each and every item has a price guarantee and a lifetime warranty!! How could I go wrong??

So I called the 800 number and discussed my needs with Andrew, who was very helpful in describing just what I needed to do to install the device in Arleen's Pontiac. I decided that I would not only replace the basic keyless access function, but would also add a horn blower and an alarm!! And the cost for all of this was not much more that the price that Mister Goodwench wanted for a replacement remote!!

I was so impressed that I asked Andrew if I could put a link on my website to Autoloc. He agreed and also told me that I could get a commission on any units sold from my website! Sooo, if you do decide to buy one of Andrew's products please just mention that you found the link on and I'll get a few bucks from Andrew. Perhaps if I can sell a few more quality products from my website I may just be able to pay the expenses for maintaining the services I have been providing to all of you at no cost.

UPDATE - Since I wrote this article in 1996 things have gotten a bit more expensive.  The entry level price for a remote entry system is now (2001) $90.

Here is a link to and some words about Andrew's fine product.

Autoloc, Sellers of Power Door lock Kits, Power Window Kits, Keyless Entry Units, Code Jumping Car Alarms, Shaved door kits, Accessories and more. Guarantee LOWE$T Price & highest QUALITY. AutoLoc's lifetime warrantee! They have a kit for your car, truck, or van!

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