Dear Bob:

I got similiar idle problem as yours of my Ford Taurus 94, and I had checked all vacuum tubing, EGR valve etc. but no improvement. For about 3 monthes I couldn't locate the problem until Tuesday night I found your message on Internet. So I removed the air bypass valve and cleaned it using engine clearner Wednesday evening.

After I put it back and start engin again, but what I found is that the engine stops only in few seconds, the idle speed is even lower than before. Then I did several tests and learned that to make engine running normally at idle speed, the bypass valve should be fully open. Today, as soon as I back home, I removed the air bypass valve again. This time I opened the solenoid and took the coil and plunger out of the valve body. Finally I found how the valve works: the valve is driven by vacuum from intake throttle body not electricity, through the shaft of the valve there is a tiny pin hole for the release of vacuum which drives the valve. The plunger of the solenoid controls the pin hole. If the pin hole getting clogged, the valve wouldn't working properlly and will cause engine idle problem. Eventually after I throughlly cleared pin hole and reinstalled the air bypass valve, there are no more problem of my car.

Is it interesting, thanks for your helpful information.

James Zhuang

Yet another story from a reader who owns a 94 Taurus:

Hi Bob: I was having problems with the idle on my '94 Taurus. My local Ford dealer wanted to $250 to solve my problem (after I had them do a $65 diagnostic test). I said, "Thank you very much, I'll think about it." I searched the WEB and I found your site and read about the IAC valve. I removed it from the engine and sprayed the inside of it with carb. cleaner and put it back on. It runs great! For $1.65 can of cleaner I solved what would have been a $250 waste of money. Thank you so much for your money-saving site! Deke Moffitt Erlanger, Ky

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