Dear Bob,

My wife recently called me from a neighborhood store and explained that the Taurus had quit at the red light and she finally got it started just enough to pull in to a small store lot and get out of the way of traffic. I quickly headed out in the truck with my tool kit and found her distraught and upset about the car. After trying to start and also having no luck, I opened the hood and checked all the things you would normally look at. I found nothing wrong and tried to start the car again and lo and behold it started ok.

I drove the car home and let my wife follow in the truck and had no problems on the way home. I immediately started troubleshooting at home in better surroundings and still could find no problems to cause the no start. I replaced the fuel filter and checked the gas for water etc. and the car still performed ok.

Several weeks later I was checking the same items under the hood and when I closed the hood the car would not start. After checking for spark (weak) and looking for fuel pressure, I found the connector that provided power to the fuel injectors not snapped in. This had been the problem all along and after snapping the connector in and assuring the tabs were locked, the car started fine and I have had no further problems. What seemed like a serous problem and possible intermittent condition was repaired by making more than a cursory check.

Bob Birdsong Sharpsburg, Ga.

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