Here's an interesting problem from a 96 Ford Taurus owner who can't steer when it's raining!! Taurus owners beware!!

This past spring my wife started to complain about a problem with her Taurus when it rained. When I finally got around to driving it in the rain I found out what she meant. When you hit a puddle on the right front side the power steering would not work for several seconds though the engine ran fine. I called the local Ford Service Mgr. and he said that all 1996 Taurus's had this problem and that they did not have a FIX!!!! When you hit the water it splashes up (in our case the smaller puddles were worst), and gets the belt to the power steering pump wet and all power steering goes out for 5 to 10 seconds which in traffic is quite scary. The belt dries quickly due to the heat and friction and again works but this could be a vary serious problem for someone say, a kid who's not used to reacting a small woman who's strength may not over power the steering or a senior adult who maybe slow to react and may not have the strength. I thought you may want to add as a warning to Ford Taurus owners.

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