hi bob,

I saw your website and do like it. although i discovered it too late to help solve my tranny problem. i own (in austria, europe) a 88 caprice with the 307 Y engine and a thm 700-4r (i guess it's a 700 not a 200 because it has the 4-th gear pressure switch). my problem was that it stayed in the converter closed mode and eventually stalled the engine at a stop. with help of a friendly guy from the web (a tranny shop in hesperia, ca) and some research in a gm-manual (i found in a libary during my holiday in canada) i could pin-point the trouble to a defective tcc switch (the little ball in the tube was stuck, especially with hot engine). after replacement it*s working fine again.

maybe this solved problem can be of interest for others.

regards, mike Michael Sommer ELIN EV,


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