Hey Bob!

Haven't visited your site in some time, I like how it's been expanded! Great site!

Listen, I don't know if you've heard or not, but "Tough One" brand batteries have a built-in defect. As far as I can tell, it covers MOST if not ALL of them. GM has put a few in their cars & trucks, and after about a year they go bad. Mainly- it's the positive side post that leaks acid, and causes sporadic starting. I have seen it over & over in the shop, and even on my own Suburban. I always recommend Mega-Tron from Interstate as replacements, they usually last the time printed on the battery itself. Maybe it'd be a good idea to let people know that if they have that type of battery, and have problems such as: low power in the morning, one 1 or two starts after running the vehicle for awhile, or they see the power gauge drop when using lights, A/C, etc... If they use that brand of battery, I'd certainly check the battery before assuming the alternator needs rebuilding..

Talk to ya later!

Levi Allen

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