Bob, I replaced my water pump recently and came up with a slick method. As you probably know the 83 Blazer has the 4 bolt water pump. Certainly this is not a difficult job, but to make it even easier I took two long bolts of the same thread size of the bolts I removed, and sheared the heads off. I then inserted both bolts (one on each side). Now you can slide the gaskets and water pump on without having to hold them as the two long bolts support the pump easily. Simply put the old bolts in the two remaining holes and tighten slightly. Now just remove the sheared long bolts as they are only finger tight and put the remaining two bolts in. This method really makes it easy for the do-it-youselfer. Hope this helps someone. - Robert A. Brough

Ed Comment: As with all water pump replacements make certain that you have perfectly clean mating surfaces every where a gasket is used. A single edge razor blade works for me. Don't count on gasket goop to bail you out or you will be doing the job twice!


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