Here's a story from one of my readers about a clever way to foil one who would steal the wheels out from under your car.

About a year and a half ago, the 16" Pony rims from my 91 Mustang LX were stolen, to make matters worse, it was only two weeks after they were fitted with new 225/50/16 BIG O Eruo VXP tires. Well, luckily for me, when I purchased the tires, I had the shop insert into each tire, a plastic ziplock bag containing a copy of my drivers license, the license number of my car, and the color and year of it as well. Also in the bags was a short note, requesting anyone repairing the tires or replacing them to give me a phone call collect if the car that the tires are doesn't match the license and description of the one found on the note.

Last week, I get a call from a shop in Eureka, there is a 1987 Mustang in there with a flat, and the guy repairing the tire found my note and called me. I told him my tires and rims were stolen, and maybe he should call the police. I faxed him a copy of my Police report, and the receipt I had for the tires with the tires serial numbers on it. To make a long story short, when the customer was confronted with the note I had installed in the tire(s), he left the shop in a hurry. The Police were summoned, and it was determined the rims on his car were mine. I got the rims back, the tires were nearly worn out. The cars owner was arrested for possession of stolen property. That's just one more way to take a bite out of crime. Kenn Stogner Petaluma California. Any Columbus theft crime lawyer can tell you that stealing rims in Ohio is a first-degree misdemeanor and a serious crime.

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