UPDATED August 23, 2002



Until I figure out a way to get the information submitted to load automatically into some sort of html database I will just enter it in as I receive it in no particular order. To search the page for your city just use the "Find" function of your browser and enter the city name, and search for a shop in your area. As the list grows I may have to do some sorting by state and make a page for each state - stay tuned.


A-YourName = Bela Gazdy B-YourCity = Lilburn C-YourState = Georgia C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Hometown Auto Service E-ShopAddress = 790 Indian Trail - Lilburn Road F-ShopCity = Lilburn (Atlanta area) G-ShopState = Georgia H-MechanicsName = Lee Wilson - Owner I-MakeOfCar = 62 Cad, 78 Linc, 82 Olds J-WorkPerformed = Miscelaneous repairs, including A/C, Power Str., etc. K-Kudos = Straight answers followed by good service at reasonable prices.

A-YourName = Curtis Newton B-YourCity = Ft Meade (near Baltimore) C-YourState = MD C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Timonium Citgo Service Stn E-ShopAddress = 30 East Timonium Road F-ShopCity = Timonium F1-NearestLargeCity = Baltimore G-ShopState = MD H-MechanicsName = Mr Fred Yee I-MakeOfCar = 88 Toyota Camry and 94 Acura Integra J-WorkPerformed = Mr Fred ONLY works on Japanese cars and does all type of repairs, from brakes to engine rebuilds. K-Kudos = He and his crew are WITHOUT a doubt, the best and most honest technician(s) around. Also, he was trained at the Honda factory! The absolute best around, PERIOD! Phone number: 410-561-1616

A-YourName = Tom Moers B-YourCity = Boise C-YourState = Idaho C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Hurless Brothers E-ShopAddress = 1320 Main St. F-ShopCity = Boise F1-NearestLargeCity = G-ShopState = Idaho H-MechanicsName = Brett or Todd I-MakeOfCar = Volvo J-WorkPerformed = All K-Kudos = These are the only honest guys I know in Boise. They'll save you time and money and do it right the first time.

A-YourName = John B-YourCity = Kankakee C-YourState = IL. C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Mechanics Choice E-ShopAddress = 3200 so. Chicago rd. F-ShopCity = Chicago Heights F1-NearestLargeCity = Chicago/30 miles so. G-ShopState = IL. H-MechanicsName = TIM I-MakeOfCar = 85 CAVILIER J-WorkPerformed = The car was hard to start kept flooding. They found a loose wire at coolant temp sensor K-Kudos = real nice people explained everything to me

A-YourName = B-YourCity = Redwood City C-YourState = CA C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = King Chevron E-ShopAddress = Woodside Road F-ShopCity = Redwood City F1-NearestLargeCity = San Francisco/28 miles G-ShopState = CA H-MechanicsName = Tim I-MakeOfCar = Volvo & Ford J-WorkPerformed = locating & fixing major oil leaks K-Kudos = Great service: friendly, honest, capable mechanics who explain in detail to someone like me who is pretty much unfamiliar with auto mechanics

A-YourName = K W GREENHILL B-YourCity = Portland C-YourState = OR C1-EmailAddress = KandSGreenhill@ATT.COM D-ShopName = Wojt Automotive E-ShopAddress = F-ShopCity = Portland F1-NearestLargeCity = Portland G-ShopState = OR H-MechanicsName = Dave Wojt I-MakeOfCar = Oldsmobile 60-90's J-WorkPerformed = Custom engine rebuild, classic restoration, or performance K-Kudos = Each project is tailored to the customer's needs.

A-YourName = Pigeon Helreich B-YourCity = Ocean Springs C-YourState = MS C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = J.J.'s AUTO REPAIR E-ShopAddress = P.O. Box 966 F-ShopCity = Ocean Springs F1-NearestLargeCity = Biloxi / 10 minutes G-ShopState = MS H-MechanicsName = J.J. Gibson I-MakeOfCar = All of 'em! J-WorkPerformed = Full & Complete Repairs On Domestics & Imports. K-Kudos = No Warranty Work Performed.

A-YourName = Pat Fontova B-YourCity = Covington C-YourState = LA C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Auto Aces E-ShopAddress = 1525 Fig F-ShopCity = Metairie F1-NearestLargeCity = New Orleans/5 mi. G-ShopState = LA H-MechanicsName = Mike I-MakeOfCar = Mazda, Nissan, Honda J-WorkPerformed = Brakes, cv joints, timing belt AC, etc.. In the past 15 years they've helped with everything to do with my car. K-Kudos = They are wonderful. They explain cost to you before they do anything and inform you of your alternatives. They don't talk down to you and they are trustworthy.

A-YourName = Geoffrey Mason B-YourCity = Simsbury C-YourState = CT C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Vally Imported Auto INC E-ShopAddress = 3 Cheryl Dr. F-ShopCity = Canton F1-NearestLargeCity = Hartford/15 Mi G-ShopState = Connecticut H-MechanicsName = All mechanics there are good I-MakeOfCar = Toyota Carolla J-WorkPerformed = K-Kudos = Reliable,honest, and extremly knowledgeable

A-YourName = T. P. Aaron B-YourCity = Birmingham C-YourState = Alabama C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Automotive Service Group E-ShopAddress = 200 Roebuck Plaza Dr. F-ShopCity = Birmingham F1-NearestLargeCity = G-ShopState = Alabama H-MechanicsName = Walter Sample I-MakeOfCar = 1988 Olds Delta 88 J-WorkPerformed = Replaced the harmonic-balance, installed front seals K-Kudos =

A-YourName = Nancy Roberts B-YourCity = Patterson C-YourState = NY C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = TNT Auto Repair E-ShopAddress = Rd.4 North Brewster Road F-ShopCity = Brewster F1-NearestLargeCity = 60 Miles G-ShopState = NY H-MechanicsName = Robert Carney I-MakeOfCar = Dodge Caravan J-WorkPerformed = Rack and Piinion needed to be replaced and brake job all around. K-Kudos = TNT was very courteous and helpful - their prices were excellent. If anyone has a problem that lives in the area definitly go there.

A-YourName = Mark Manuel B-YourCity = Lake Marine C-YourState = IL C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = MIKE'S VIP AUTOMOTIVE E-ShopAddress = 668 E NORTHWEST HWY F-ShopCity = ARLINGTON HEIGHTS F1-NearestLargeCity = CHICAGO G-ShopState = IL H-MechanicsName = MIKE SEICK I-MakeOfCar = PONTIAC J-WorkPerformed = K-Kudos =

A-YourName = Robert Forsyth B-YourCity = Vancover C-YourState = BC (Canada) C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Import Moody E-ShopAddress = 3051 Spring St F-ShopCity = Port Moody F1-NearestLargeCity = Vancouver/15 Miles G-ShopState = BC Canada H-MechanicsName = Haydn Postlethwaighte I-MakeOfCar = J-WorkPerformed = Radiator, timing belt, brakes, carburator, major and minor tune, alternator, suspension check. K-Kudos = Haydn is the most proficient mechanic I have had the pleasure to meet. His rates are more than fair and He is an artisan at his craft. He only works on Honda's, and I would reccomend him over the dealership.

A-YourName = C. A. (Charley) Anderson B-YourCity = Gulf Breeze C-YourState = FL C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = G & E Tire & Service Center (Firestone) E-ShopAddress = 2505 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. F-ShopCity = Gulf Breeze F1-NearestLargeCity = Pensacola G-ShopState = Florida H-MechanicsName = Harold E. (Ed) Duce I-MakeOfCar = 84 GMC P/U J-WorkPerformed = Serious vibration problem that was not related to tire balance. Trouble shooting was long and arduous. K-Kudos = Before Mr. Duce took on this challenge I had spent over $1,000 at other shops trying to get a fix. All others gave up. Mr. Duce and his crew solved my problem and did it at an unbelievably low cost. This shop is the best of the best. Your problem is truly their problem.

A-YourName = Eindi Maung B-YourCity = So. San Francisco C-YourState = California C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Serramonte Unocal E-ShopAddress = 137 Serramonte Unocal F-ShopCity = Daly City F1-NearestLargeCity = 5 miles G-ShopState = CA H-MechanicsName = Ricardo Cruz I-MakeOfCar = 93 Honda Accord J-WorkPerformed = Driveability Problem K-Kudos = Technicians there are certified and very competent.

A-YourName = steve kendell B-YourCity = portland C-YourState = Oregon C1-EmailAddress = skendell@JUNO.COM D-ShopName = coliseum ford E-ShopAddress = 1st & Broadway F-ShopCity = portland F1-NearestLargeCity = G-ShopState = oregon H-MechanicsName = Mike Ghioni I-MakeOfCar = Ford J-WorkPerformed = I had trouble with the automatic transmission not shifting into overdrive. K-Kudos = Mike did an exceptional job on my van. I had been in to the shop and talked to Mike a couple of times earlier in the week. He gave me some suggestions as to what I should try on my own. When I could not do any more, because of my knowledge and tools, I took my van to Mike. I would take it back again, and recommend him to everyone.

A-YourName = Phil Appling B-YourCity = Kansas City C-YourState = Missouri C1-EmailAddress = Appling@Worldnet.Att.Net D-ShopName = Wayne Croy's Car Care Center E-ShopAddress = 7100 NE Antioch Rd. F-ShopCity = Gladstone F1-NearestLargeCity = Kansas City/5 mi G-ShopState = Missouri H-MechanicsName = Bob Harrington I-MakeOfCar = Buick J-WorkPerformed = alternator, radiator, tune-ups, brakes. K-Kudos = This business has been built on trust and it shows. I believe Bob Harrington when he tells me what's right or wrong with my car. A real keeper in this field.

A-YourName = Lewis Layton B-YourCity = New Port Richey C-YourState = Florida C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Cox Car Care E-ShopAddress = US Highway 19 N F-ShopCity = Cox Car Care - 7018 U.S. 19 F1-NearestLargeCity = Tampa G-ShopState = Florida H-MechanicsName = I-MakeOfCar = Chevy J-WorkPerformed = Repaired Steering column problem and cooling problem K-Kudos =

A-YourName = Ramona Rodriguiz B-YourCity = Durham - Chapel Hill C-YourState = NC C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Regan's Exxon - East Franklin Car Care E-ShopAddress = 1710 East Franklin Street F-ShopCity = Chapel Hill F1-NearestLargeCity = Raleigh 20 miles G-ShopState = NC H-MechanicsName = Tommy I-MakeOfCar = Geo Metro/Toyota Corolla & Pickup J-WorkPerformed = Fuel pump, general engine work and maintenance, tuneup (had a 15 yr old pickup with 400,000+ miles running like a dream) K-Kudos = Polite, fast and efficient, gets to know the customer and their needs.


A-YourName = Levi B-YourCity = San Antonio C-YourState = TEXAS C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Hoekstra's Auto Service E-ShopAddress = 2618 Spokane F-ShopCity = San Antonio F1-NearestLargeCity = -- G-ShopState = Texas H-MechanicsName = Herman I-MakeOfCar = Too many to name! J-WorkPerformed = Engine, drive train, some transmission, computer, electrical, (just about anything) K-Kudos = Best parts used, ABSOLUTE best service, friendly 1 mechanic shop.

A-YourName = Don Karnes B-YourCity = Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake C-YourState = VA C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Azalea Super Service E-ShopAddress = Curlew Drive F-ShopCity = Norfolk, VA F1-NearestLargeCity = Norfolk G-ShopState = VA H-MechanicsName = Gene Breinheim I-MakeOfCar = 85 Olds 98 J-WorkPerformed = K-Kudos =

A-YourName = Jennifer Blair B-YourCity = Taneytown C-YourState = MD C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Charlie's Service Station E-ShopAddress = 11024 Liberty Road F-ShopCity = Randallstown F1-NearestLargeCity = Baltimore/15 G-ShopState = MD H-MechanicsName = Chris Brocato I-MakeOfCar = 95 Chevrolet J-WorkPerformed = Full service gas and repair station @ 1.19/gallon for full service gas!!!! Friendly, fast, reliable service! Lowest prices in town! K-Kudos = The station was recently renovated and has been there since the 1920's. New tanks and pumps were put in a year ago.

A-YourName = JoAnn Robinson B-YourCity = Los Molinos C-YourState = CA C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Larrys Auto Repair E-ShopAddress = 7981 Highway 99E F-ShopCity = Los Molinos F1-NearestLargeCity = Red Bluff / 12 miles G-ShopState = CA H-MechanicsName = Larry Krause I-MakeOfCar = Honda J-WorkPerformed = Had the brakes fixed K-Kudos = I was pleased with the work Mr. Krause performed, I felt like my car was in good hands, and I received honest treatment. Mr. Krause also checked and let me know other items that needed repair on my vechicle at no extra charge. I was very pleased.

A-YourName = Bill Marks B-YourCity = Big Lake C-YourState = Mn. C1-EmailAddress = kbopjw @ D-ShopName = Autostop E-ShopAddress = 121 Lake St N. F-ShopCity = Big Lake F1-NearestLargeCity = St Cloud/26Mi. G-ShopState = MN. H-MechanicsName = Mike I-MakeOfCar = '91 S10 Chevy J-WorkPerformed = Cluch, U-Joints,Tires ,Lube ,Oil Front wheel Bearins K-Kudos = Fair Price and did not do work that I thought I needed and in reallty did not need. Honesty is Hard to find.

A-YourName = john B-YourCity = New York C-YourState = n.y. C1-EmailAddress = jjr4841 D-ShopName = motor works E-ShopAddress = westbery N.Y long Island F-ShopCity = F1-NearestLargeCity = G-ShopState = NY H-MechanicsName = Garry I-MakeOfCar = 1990 PLY J-WorkPerformed = R/R Engine K-Kudos = Verry Good Work!

A-YourName = Lora B-YourCity = Knoxville C-YourState = Tennessee C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = SPEEDY TRANSMISSION CENTERS E-ShopAddress = 418 Northshore Drive F-ShopCity = Knoxville F1-NearestLargeCity = Knoxville G-ShopState = Tennessee H-MechanicsName = Gary I-MakeOfCar = Olds Delta 88 J-WorkPerformed = My transmission problem was repaired with a small plastic part and minimal labor after two other local shops had misdiagnosed it as being an internal problem and in need of an overhaul. Gary, the shop foreman, really knows his craft. K-Kudos = The professionalism at this shop is very obvious. It's very clean and has many letters from previous happy customers on the walls. Mike and Calvin explained everything and answered all my questions. They saved me lots of money and I highly recommend them.

A-YourName = John Boylan B-YourCity = Huntsville C-YourState = AL C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Delta Muffler and Brake E-ShopAddress = So. Memorial Parkway F-ShopCity = Huntsville F1-NearestLargeCity = Huntsville G-ShopState = AL H-MechanicsName = Ron Ford-Owner, Randy-Senior Mechanic I-MakeOfCar = All J-WorkPerformed = Like the name says-general and custom exhaust and brake work K-Kudos = Have dealt with them for 20+ years--honest as the day is long, technically competent, will save you a dollar if they can. No unnecessary work has ever been recommended. Lifetime warranties mean just that. Now if I could just find a general mechanic shop that I could trust like I do them!

A-YourName = andy kennedy B-YourCity = friendswood C-YourState = texas C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Auto Tech Pro Service Center E-ShopAddress = 303 N. Friendswood Drive F-ShopCity = Friendswood F1-NearestLargeCity = 10 miles G-ShopState = Texas H-MechanicsName = Al I-MakeOfCar = 1987 Ford Escort J-WorkPerformed = Engine diagnosis and ignition work K-Kudos =

A-YourName = jason smith B-YourCity = yucaipa C-YourState = ca C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = I smog & saved E-ShopAddress = 33575 yucaipa blvd F-ShopCity = yucaipa F1-NearestLargeCity = sanbernardino 25 G-ShopState = calif H-MechanicsName = phil smith I-MakeOfCar = ford ranger J-WorkPerformed = smog inspections and brake work K-Kudos = a christian mechanic, good one too.

A-YourName = ray smith B-YourCity = LAKELAND C-YourState = FL C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = RAY'S CHEVRON E-ShopAddress = 851 S. FLORIDA AVE F-ShopCity = LAKELAND F1-NearestLargeCity = TAMPA 30MILES G-ShopState = FLORIDA H-MechanicsName = TOM KELLY I-MakeOfCar = 90 ELDARADO J-WorkPerformed = AIR CONDITIONER COMPRESSOR & DRYER OTHER SHOPS WANTED $260.00 MORE K-Kudos = GREAT SHOP , CERTIFIED TECHS

A-YourName = Carrie Huff B-YourCity = Portland C-YourState = Oregon C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = USA Performance Auto E-ShopAddress = 13925 SE Stark F-ShopCity = Portland, OR 97233 F1-NearestLargeCity = Portland-10 min to downtown G-ShopState = Oregon H-MechanicsName = Brett I-MakeOfCar = Toyota Tercel J-WorkPerformed = Fixed several oil leaks, timing belt, oil change, spark plugs, inspected exhaust & clutch. K-Kudos = Brett took the time to explain all that was wrong with my new car, and showed me exactly where each problem was. He took the time to tell me what was priority, and made sure I knew how long I had until it was absolutely necessary to fix.

A-YourName = B-YourCity = C-YourState = C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = GOTHAM AUTO CARE INC E-ShopAddress = 3075 BOSTON ROAD F-ShopCity = BRONX F1-NearestLargeCity = NY G-ShopState = NY H-MechanicsName = RAY I-MakeOfCar = 85 HONDA,93 CHEVY J-WorkPerformed = DOES ALL KIND OF WORK AT GOOD PRICES K-Kudos =

A-YourName = Steve B-YourCity = Hapeville C-YourState = Ga. C1-EmailAddress = nesmram D-ShopName = virginia ave. service center E-ShopAddress = 748 virginia ave. F-ShopCity = hapeville,Ga. F1-NearestLargeCity = Atlanta G-ShopState = Ga. H-MechanicsName = steve I-MakeOfCar = all J-WorkPerformed = K-Kudos =

A-YourName = Jim Yowell B-YourCity = Venus C-YourState = Texas C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Larry's Auto Service E-ShopAddress = 1816 South Drive - Mansfield South F-ShopCity = Venus, Texas F1-NearestLargeCity = Arlington, TX - 10 miles G-ShopState = Texas H-MechanicsName = Larry Pollard I-MakeOfCar = 93 Mitsubishi Eclipse J-WorkPerformed = He does all my mechanical work on both my cars. K-Kudos = The most honest mechanic I have ever known, plus he has very reasonable rates. His web site is

A-YourName = Dan B-YourCity = Trenton C-YourState = Mo. C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = K&J Auto Repair E-ShopAddress = 1062 Oklahoma Ave. F-ShopCity = Trenton F1-NearestLargeCity = K.C. Mo. G-ShopState = Mo. H-MechanicsName = Kirby,Jimmy,Andy,Kenny,&Billy; I-MakeOfCar = 93 Buick J-WorkPerformed = As far as I Know they do everything but rebuild transmissions. They are very good at trouble shooting the small nagging problems that our local dealerships don't want to bother with. K-Kudos = They are all kind and always have time to answer the customers questons . They also treat each job with great work ethic, Big or small !

A-YourName = maureen hiedt B-YourCity = ft. lauderale C-YourState = florida C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = JIM SMITH AUTO INC. E-ShopAddress = 555-N.E.42 STREET F-ShopCity = OAKLAND PARK F1-NearestLargeCity = 1 MILE G-ShopState = FLORIDA H-MechanicsName = JIM SMITH I-MakeOfCar = CHEVY J-WorkPerformed = COMPLETE ENGINE OVERHAUL K-Kudos = WONDERFUL PERSONALITY, FAIR, EXPLAINED ALL WORK THAT HE DID. VERY FAIR IN PRICE. ALL TOP QUALITY PARTS

A-YourName = Rory O'Brien B-YourCity = Milford C-YourState = Mass. C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Henry's Towing & Service Center E-ShopAddress = 55 Pearl St. F-ShopCity = Framingham Mass. F1-NearestLargeCity = Boston G-ShopState = Mass. H-MechanicsName = Butch O'Brien I-MakeOfCar = Ford CrownVictoria J-WorkPerformed = I HAD A PROBLEM WITH MY ELECTRAL SYSTEM. THE DEALER COULD NOT FIND WHAT WAS WRONG WITH MY CAR. I WAS RECOMENDED BY THE DEALERSHIP TO GO SEE BUTCH AT HENRY'S. HE FIXED THE PROBLEM IN 20 MINUTES AND DID'NT EVEN CHARGE ME. ALL I HAD TO PAY WAS THE TOW TO HIS SHOP I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOP TO ANYONE!!! K-Kudos = BUTCH SHOULD GET A RAISE!!!!

A-YourName = Chris Pigott B-YourCity = Lorton C-YourState = VA C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Friendship Garage E-ShopAddress = 1030B Cannons Court F-ShopCity = Woodbridge F1-NearestLargeCity = Washington, D.C. G-ShopState = VA H-MechanicsName = Mike I-MakeOfCar = Corvette J-WorkPerformed = Cleaned fuel injectors ultrasonically and he recorede the flow rates before and after so I could see the results. Answered all of my questions willingly. K-Kudos = The most knowledgeable mechanic I have ever come across and I am a pretty good one myself.

Dear Bob: I visited your web site for the first time today and wanted to extend my compliments on providing such an invaluable service. I also wanted to provide the name of a mechanic who has done some excellent work for me in the past (I hope I'm sending this to the right place): Name: Mike Ireland Shop: Riverhead Automotive Address: Route 58 Riverhead, NY Closest City: none (about 80 mi. east of Manhattan on Long Island) Work Done For Me: various major maintenance including timing chains, rear axle rebuilds, misc. services - basically I farm out everything I'm not comfortable doing to him Other Comments: very friendly and amazingly knowledgeable guy Thanks Again, Chris Visser

A-YourName = A. Nadeau B-YourCity = Salt Lake City C-YourState = Utah C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Peak Performance E-ShopAddress = 2810 South 400 West F-ShopCity = Salt Lake City F1-NearestLargeCity = Salt Lake City G-ShopState = Utah H-MechanicsName = unknown I-MakeOfCar = 1990 Subaru Loyale J-WorkPerformed = Tracked down "Check Engine" light problem. EGR, Solenoid K-Kudos = Very professional and they did it right the first time. Very courteous and they called us first, like they said they would, before performing any work on the vehicle. Spoke with the owner, John Peake and was very helpful. The expense was largely man hours in tracking down the problem but wasn't something that we were capable of fixing ourselves. From my experience I'd say they're an honest shop. Noticed it was John Peake that wrote the letter regarding the "us-them" mentality.

A-YourName = Lisa Hoffman B-YourCity = Riverside C-YourState = Ca. C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Mike Horner (Independent) E-ShopAddress = Arlington/LaSierra F-ShopCity = Riverside F1-NearestLargeCity = G-ShopState = Ca. H-MechanicsName = Mike Horner I-MakeOfCar = Toyota Corolla J-WorkPerformed = Clutch, ignition coil, oil leak K-Kudos = Looking for an HONEST, reliable, reasonable, ASC certified mechanic in the Riverside Ca. area? I highly recommend Mike Horner ph# (909) 687-6749. He is honest, reliable and does excellent work. When the coil went out on my car it took Goodyear and the Dealer, 4 days to identify and repair the problem. Both tried to sell me unnecessary services and the Dealer insisted I needed new spark plug wires, spark plugs, even though I had just replaced them 2 months prior. The dealer also insisted I shouldn't be using platinum spark plugs which may have contributed to the problem. - I found out later my Toyota manual calls for platinum plugs! Anyway, when my car died a second time, I was ripped off for a new muffler before I learned the muffler had nothing to do with the car stalling out. I called Mike Horner, he diagnosed the problem within 5 minutes - it was the ignition coil again. If you're in the Riverside Ca. area I strongly recommend Mike Horner (909) 687-5092. GOOD LUCK! Lisa

A-YourName = Ron Price B-YourCity = Taft, Ca. C-YourState = Calif. C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = BOB'S TRANSMISSIONS E-ShopAddress = 3410 PIERCE RD. F-ShopCity = BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. F1-NearestLargeCity = G-ShopState = CALIF. H-MechanicsName = I-MakeOfCar = 1981 IMPERIAL J-WorkPerformed = Changed torque converter,resealed transmission and replaced pump bushing.$265.00. K-Kudos = I told them I wanted to replace the torque conv. Thay still took time to check it out. I original got a repair quote over the phone, and and it was a little less than quoted. Real nice people to deal with. I would use them again. Submit+Recommendation = Submit Query

A-YourName = MICHAEL T. GEDDRY SR. B-YourCity = SANTA MARIA C-YourState = CA C1-EmailAddress = AUTODIAGNOSTICWIZZARD@JUNO.COM D-ShopName = AUTOTRONICS E-ShopAddress = 831 W. Knudsen Way F-ShopCity = Santa Maria F1-NearestLargeCity = Santa Barbara/75mi G-ShopState = CA H-MechanicsName = Mike I-MakeOfCar = Ford J-WorkPerformed = Electronic computer system diagnostics refered by other shops as costing over $600.00 to eliminate a fuel pump's failure to shutoff with key off. Autotronic's replaced the fuel pump relay at 25.00 for Part @ labor. K-Kudos = Shop utilizes latest equipment for diagnosing domestic and performance automobiles. In addition the shop is a registered ASA and Champion ProTech facility. Owner took time to explain the problem and allowed me to read the tech sheet on the problem. This shop also runs a special program to discount labor to those on fixed income.

A-YourName = Larry Vearl Dodson B-YourCity = Tulare C-YourState = California C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = HOWELL'S SERVICE CENTER E-ShopAddress = 1089 E TULARE AVE. F-ShopCity = TULARE F1-NearestLargeCity = 45 MILES SOUTH OF FRESNO G-ShopState = CALIFORNIA H-MechanicsName = JIM HOWELL I-MakeOfCar = 1987 CHEV. ASTRO VAN J-WorkPerformed = Well I've had alot of things done here but the last thing was my air-conditiner unit which had a rare problem that a local Chevrolet garage told me that was very rare to him to see happen. Well took it to Howell's and found the problem and fixed it never had a bit of problems since. And the thing I like about them is they are honest if he feels he can't find the problem for some reason he let's you know so you know where you stand when it comes time to pay the bill. I have had things fixed before and maybe something else would go wrong related to it, and never be charged for having to take it back. The key here is if you want someone to do it right, and more so if you want someone who's honest (which garages our well known for this) try Mr. Howell out I don't think you will be disapointed. Larry Dodson K-Kudos = The Key here is he might charge as much to do the work as most shops but what needs fixed is the only thing that get's fixed. Doesn't charge for anything that's doen't need working on. You can trust him, and have talked to many other's who have took there auto's to him and they have said the same thing. All I can say is try him out and I think he'll when you over, not a nicer guy around. The best I've found.

A-YourName = Robert Reese B-YourCity = Stockton C-YourState = CA C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Don's Buggie Shop E-ShopAddress = 3245 N. Wilson Way F-ShopCity = Stockton F1-NearestLargeCity = Sacramento / 50 miles G-ShopState = CA H-MechanicsName = I-MakeOfCar = J-WorkPerformed = K-Kudos = They work and VW's and most foreign makes. Excellent work and integrity. AAA certified. HIGHLY recommended.

A-YourName = Richard Dubose B-YourCity = Chattanooga C-YourState = Tennessee C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Electronic Transmissions of Chattanooga inc. E-ShopAddress = 3976 Hixson Pike F-ShopCity = Chatt. F1-NearestLargeCity = Atlanta Ga. G-ShopState = Tn. H-MechanicsName = Ernest Gaddis I-MakeOfCar = 92 Full Size Blazer J-WorkPerformed = he repaired my transmission,I just wanted to say thanks these are real technicians. K-Kudos =

A-YourName = Dennis Murphy B-YourCity = Elbridge C-YourState = New York C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = M&D Auto E-ShopAddress = 1116 Route 5 F-ShopCity = Elbridge F1-NearestLargeCity = Syracuse/10miles G-ShopState = New York H-MechanicsName = Mike I-MakeOfCar = 87 Merc Sable wagon J-WorkPerformed = Power steering leak, Transmission leak K-Kudos = I was told by two factory certified (large independent) repair shops that I had a cracked power steering pump fluid resevoir, and a gasket on my transmission pan had to be replaced The power steering pump would have to be replaced, and the pan (transmission) would have to be dropped. Mike checked both problems out and found that both leaks wer caused by faulty fluid line connectors. Plus he replaced an O ring in the PSteering pump. Saved me over half of the other two shops estimated cost.

A-YourName = Tony Wagner B-YourCity = virginia beach C-YourState = va C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Hall chrysler plymouth E-ShopAddress = corner of 19th and Mediteranean F-ShopCity = virginia beach F1-NearestLargeCity = Richmond/70 miles G-ShopState = va H-MechanicsName = Jack Brewer I-MakeOfCar = 1993 pontiac grand prix J-WorkPerformed = Countless items. Computer, pcv valve, blown head gasket, K-Kudos = Mr. Brewer is an excellent mechanic. He is very fast and efficient. Not to mention he's my uncle.

A-YourName = James B-YourCity = Tulsa C-YourState = OK C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Robby's Toyota Repair E-ShopAddress = 21 st. St F-ShopCity = Tulsa F1-NearestLargeCity = G-ShopState = Oklahoma H-MechanicsName = Robby I-MakeOfCar = Toyota J-WorkPerformed = Robby is expert on Toyota and has worked on my Cressida for 11 years now. He will tell you what the problem is and why it should be fixed, etc. He is only person I let work on my car. K-Kudos =

A-YourName = Jim Cook B-YourCity = Agawam C-YourState = Massachusetts C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Kuhnel's Auto Repair E-ShopAddress = 2309 Westfield Street F-ShopCity = West Springfield F1-NearestLargeCity = Springfield / 10 G-ShopState = Massachusetts H-MechanicsName = Barry Kuhnel I-MakeOfCar = Plymouth Voyager J-WorkPerformed = Barry's shop has worked on all my family members cars and my friend's cars. He has been quick, complete, attentive to detail and low cost. Your first and last impression will be: "He knows what he is doing and will not screw you." K-Kudos =

A-YourName = mike sommer B-YourCity = vienna C-YourState = austria, europe C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = larry's hesperia transmission E-ShopAddress = F-ShopCity = hesperia F1-NearestLargeCity = G-ShopState = california H-MechanicsName = larry I-MakeOfCar = chevrolet caprice J-WorkPerformed = transmission stalling the engine K-Kudos = received free advice about possible failure via his homepage / E-mail. he gave the right tips that solved my trouble.

A-YourName = Art Pierce B-YourCity = Watsonville C-YourState = California C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = KARPERFORMANCE E-ShopAddress = 1655 Commercial Way F-ShopCity = SANTA CRUZ | (831) 462-4800 F1-NearestLargeCity = San Jose G-ShopState = CALIFORNIA H-MechanicsName = Robert Karp I-MakeOfCar = Toyota J-WorkPerformed = Everything. (I drive old clunkers.) K-Kudos = Robert (don't call him Bob!) is a perfectionist. He will explain EXACTLY what needs to be done, until he is CERTAIN you understand it. He will explain what can be put off until later and how to recognize when it's time for that. He charges $68/hour (less than the average $74/hour in Santa Cruz) and consistently takes less time to do the job than the California State's book sets as the amount of time allowed for each repair, so your labor costs are minimized. He charges around 20% less for parts than most other repair shops (and WAY LESS than dealers) in the Monterey Bay area. He is adamant about getting your satisfaction with his work. Of more than 40 mechanics I've had work on my cars through 45 years in Texas, Colorado, Ohio, and California, he is far and away the most conscientious and the best. I couldn't recommend him more highly.


A-YourName = bob B-YourCity = sydney C-YourState = nsw C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = bst taxi center E-ShopAddress = 2-12 Bourk rd Alexandria F-ShopCity = Sydney F1-NearestLargeCity = 3km G-ShopState = nsw H-MechanicsName = Tony I-MakeOfCar = Holden J-WorkPerformed = The lot he knows it all K-Kudos =

Hi Bob I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know about my favorite shop here in Tucson AZ. The shop's name is Thatcher's automotive, It's located at 2050 E 12th St Mr Thatcher treat's everyone's car like it was his own. He has diagnosed problem's that knowone else has been able too.If any of your reader's are in the Tucson area and need repair work, this is the place to go. Michael Moore

A-YourName = clifford parsons B-YourCity = pennington gap C-YourState = virginia C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = PARSONS 66 E-ShopAddress = WEST MORGAN AVE F-ShopCity = PENNINGTON GAP F1-NearestLargeCity = KINGSPORT TENN. G-ShopState = VIRGINIA H-MechanicsName = AUBREY STAPLETON I-MakeOfCar = 95 OLDS J-WorkPerformed = COMPUTER DIAOGNOSTICS K-Kudos = WAS VERY PROFESSIONAL

A-YourName = Louis Golar IV B-YourCity = Vancouver C-YourState = Washington C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Bob Kelsey Automotive E-ShopAddress = 18222 NE Halsey ST F-ShopCity = Gresham F1-NearestLargeCity = Portland G-ShopState = Oregon H-MechanicsName = All I-MakeOfCar = Almost Any J-WorkPerformed = General auto repair. Specialists in computer controls. K-Kudos = The best shop in Portland. ASE Master Technicians, not some dumb kid trying to fix your car.

A-YourName = clifford parsons B-YourCity = pennington gap C-YourState = virginia C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = PARSONS 66 E-ShopAddress = WEST MORGAN AVE F-ShopCity = PENNINGTON GAP F1-NearestLargeCity = KINGSPORT TENN. G-ShopState = VIRGINIA H-MechanicsName = AUBREY STAPLETON I-MakeOfCar = 95 OLDS J-WorkPerformed = COMPUTER DIAOGNOSTICS K-Kudos = WAS VERY PROFESSIONAL

A-YourName = tamara smith B-YourCity = Fresno now, used to live in San Mateo C-YourState = california C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Ike's auto service E-ShopAddress = 124 S. Amphlett F-ShopCity = San Mateo F1-NearestLargeCity = 10 miles from san francisco G-ShopState = CA H-MechanicsName = Ike I-MakeOfCar = subaru dl J-WorkPerformed = I needed a headgasket changed and went to 3 shops the first 2 didn't even believe the car had 2 heads(like I would make it up?) Ike also fixed my brakes without the unnecessary caliper another shop said I needed(caliper was only 1 year old) K-Kudos = the only mechanic who I've met who listened and wasn't condescending just because I've got no penis.

A-YourName = Charles B-YourCity = North Charleston C-YourState = SC C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Geralds E-ShopAddress = 3900 Dorchester Rd, 4646 & 4900 Rivers Ave F-ShopCity = North Charleston F1-NearestLargeCity = Charleston/ less than 5 G-ShopState = SC H-MechanicsName = various I-MakeOfCar = Dodge J-WorkPerformed = Tires, Brakes, Suspentions, Alignments K-Kudos = Honest shop, will not fix something that is not broken. Follow up with a call to assure customer satisfaction.

A-YourName = Nichole Farah B-YourCity = bradenton C-YourState = florida C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Steve's Auto & Transmission E-ShopAddress = 1401-d 44th Ave East F-ShopCity = Bradenton F1-NearestLargeCity = Sarasota/15 mi G-ShopState = florida H-MechanicsName = Steve I-MakeOfCar = any type J-WorkPerformed = Steve is able to work on any kind of vehicle and is able to fix just about anything. K-Kudos = He and his other two mechanics are able to fix just about anything,from a small brake job to an engine problem to a computer prblem they can handle it. They are very trustworthy and honest. They are not out for your money, they just want to help you out.

A-YourName = Don Biehl B-YourCity = Medway C-YourState = MA C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = R&R Automotive E-ShopAddress = Rt. 109 F-ShopCity = Millis F1-NearestLargeCity = Framingham; 8 mi. G-ShopState = MA H-MechanicsName = Dave I-MakeOfCar = Ford Taurus J-WorkPerformed = General repairs, valve cover gasket, oil pan gaskets K-Kudos = Great explanations, above board, punctual, keeps to budget and tells you your options

A-YourName = Dorothy Gilkey B-YourCity = Portage C-YourState = IN C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = WAYNES AUTO SERVICE E-ShopAddress = 1200 N. ST. RD. 13 F-ShopCity = SYRACUSE , F1-NearestLargeCity = SOUTH BEND G-ShopState = INDIANA H-MechanicsName = WAYNE ORTEN I-MakeOfCar = CHEVY LUMINA VAN J-WorkPerformed = TUNE-UP, FIX OIL LEAK, AND OTHERS TOO NUMERIOUS TO LIST. K-Kudos = THEY ARE VERY PROMPT, DOSEN'T OVER CHARGE

A-YourName = Tony Jones B-YourCity = Carbondale C-YourState = IL C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Auto Tech E-ShopAddress = 315 W. Willow F-ShopCity = Carbondale F1-NearestLargeCity = G-ShopState = IL H-MechanicsName = Reid Hansen, Dan David I-MakeOfCar = VW, Nissan, Ford J-WorkPerformed = The Mechanics are also the owners of this shop. They work on all makes. These guys are extremely competent and honest. K-Kudos =

A-YourName = linda sarno B-YourCity = wilmington C-YourState = ma C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = stephen's auto E-ShopAddress = 3a edwards rd F-ShopCity = burlington F1-NearestLargeCity = burlington mall G-ShopState = ma H-MechanicsName = stephen I-MakeOfCar = toyota camry J-WorkPerformed = rear strut noisy, replaced strut and mount K-Kudos = stephen told me that my strut was gone and that I only had to replace one, he didnt try to over sell me and that was very honest. he is very honest and I would recomend him to everyone.

A-YourName = Katie Foster B-YourCity = Mechanicsville C-YourState = MD C1-EmailAddress = D-ShopName = Cox's Automotive Repair E-ShopAddress = 12407 Waldorf Business Sq. F-ShopCity = Waldorf F1-NearestLargeCity = Waldorf G-ShopState = MD H-MechanicsName = David Cox I-MakeOfCar = Pontiac J-WorkPerformed = Diagnosed problems in a timely fashion and informed me of what needed to be fix NOW and what could wait, which made me feel like he wasn't ripping me off. K-Kudos = There motto: We treat you the way we want to be treated.

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